Oper8 expanding with new Data Centre solutions

Mike at Oper8 | March 10 2017 Comments 0

Watch this space – Oper8 is about to launch a new Data Centre solution!

Our new partnership covering Australia and our Pacific Island neighbours will deliver new innovative data centre solutions that are right-sized for your business.

The IT world is rapidly changing through cloud services and application integration, latency causing performance problems, and many solution providers suggesting the only way to deliver IT services is from somewhere else.

Oper8 has been working with our customers who want options that meet their business, application and data needs, and who need solutions enabled and right-sized to their budget and compliance requirements.

While we get ready to publicly launch our new partnership and data centre solutions – please feel free to contact our sales team on 1300 516 288 or to get early access to our great new solutions.

Watch this space!

Mike at Oper8 | March 10 2017