Hotdesk@Oper8 Expands Services

Mike at Oper8 | May 04 2016 Comments 0

Greater Springfield is growing exponentially with new residents and businesses finding a new home here each week. Oper8 has seen firsthand this growth within the region as we have been on the front line with business engagement supporting local growth and expansion.  

One key service Oper8 has been delivering in supporting businesses in the region is through the Hotdesk@Oper8 facility located in Springfield Tower (145 Sinnathamby Blvd).

Hotdesk@Oper8 removes all the effort, stress and cost from setting up a Serviced Office, you can just turn up with your laptop and mobile and you’re ready to go.
As start-up and SOHO (small office home office) businesses look to expand from the home environment, or larger businesses need a short term office for a staff member, Hotdesk@Oper8 has provided such a solution.

Expansion into the World Knowledge Centre

The need for Serviced Offices has continued to grow along with the need to expand new service options. As a result Oper8 has expanded into the World Knowledge Centre located at 37 Sinnathamby Blvd, in Education City at Springfield Central.

The fully Serviced Offices and Desks are situated in commercial grade space on Level 5 of the World Knowledge Centre, located adjacent to the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Springfield campus.  Offices are fully contained with modern furnishings, including desk & chair, filing cabinets and lockers.

In addition to the furnishings provided, Hotdesk@Oper8 also includes a large kitchenette and dining area, administration and IT support, high speed unlimited internet, Presentation Suite, boardroom and meeting rooms.

Networking & Collaboration

Hotdesk@Oper8 now presents both small and large businesses the opportunity to network and communicate with other organisations facing similar challenges as they grow or look to expand through collaboration and partnering. Regular presentations, workshops and seminars addressing the issues businesses face are regularly held within the Hotdesk Presentation Suite providing direct access to industry professionals and services.  The Presentation Suite is also available to host your own events, product launches and community meetings.

With Springfield Tower offering 20 desks and more than 50 desks at The World Knowledge Centre,  the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide range of professionals and entrepreneurs within the Hotdesk@Oper8 networking hub is well advanced in Springfield.

Oper8 believes in supporting the next crop of talented business owners and entrepreneurs, and will continue to contribute to the ongoing economic development of Greater Springfield through the growth, support and development of our Hotdesk@Oper8 customers.

Mike at Oper8 | May 04 2016