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Oper8 is a Certified Reseller Partner for Methode/CTI across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Methode AC6000 Lithium-ION UPS

Introducing the Methode AC6000 Lithium-ION based line-interactive UPS designed to protect IT equipment from power outages, and the supplement the mains power grid during peak energy consumption.  This highly efficient UPS operates with an input and output of either 208V or 240V AC, supporting equipment up to 6kW.

This power-dense 2RU unit contains highly efficient power electronics and state of the art lithium-ion battery pack and management system.

Common deployments include

6kW per Rack 2 x AC6000 each supporting a Vertical Power Rail
Delivers N+N UPS redundancy per rack
12kW per Rack 4 x AC6000 each supporting a Vertical Power Rail
Delivers N+N UPS redundancy per rack
5 Rack HD POD 5 x IT racks each with 2 or 4 x Vertical Power Rails
1 x UPS rack with an AC6000 per IT Rack Vertical Power Rail
Delivers a 5 rack POD with 30kW or 60kW of N+N UPS

The Methode AC6000 offers up to 7+ years of battery life, with substantial energy cost savings achievable through the Peak Shaving Option.

Lithium-ION Battery

Lithium-Ion garners significant press, both positive and negative.

However, when utilising the benefits of Lithium-Ion batteries in a rack mounted UPS, the end solution delivered by the AC6000 presents a long-life UPS that offers Peak Shaving, high tolerance to cycling (discharge / charge), and integrated Battery Management System (normally additional cost with other UPS systems), and simplified remote management and monitoring.

While Lithium-ION requires properly managed transportation (freight and handling), and advanced monitoring, the technology also delivers:

  • High energy density (6kW of capacity, with all subsystems, monitoring and management) within 2RU
  • Low maintenance (with no battery cell memory)
  • Low capacity fade or self-discharge
  • Up to 7+ years of battery life.

Where should I use the AC6000

The Methode AC6000 is particularly well suited to IT, Network and Telecoms environments that:

  • are subject to frequently interrupted mains power
  • require additional UPS support for higher density racks
  • require UPS support for cellular and WiFi network nodes
  • IT load fluctuations can be supported by the UPS battery in lieu of mains power.

Some typical ‘use cases’ include:

  • a critical IT rack in a remote office requiring a redundant UPS solution (with each AC6000 only requiring 2RU, two units could be deployed in-rack with each unit supplying a separate vertical strip PDU)
  • a remote mobile cellular tower requiring a UPS that can be repeatedly cycled due to poor mains power
  • a micro data centre where remote UPS management is required from a central support office
  • a small modular data centre solution where floor space is limited and separate UPS rooms are not viable.

Contact Oper8 to discuss how the Methode AC6000 can help meet your requirements.

PDU = Power Distribution Unit

User Interface

The Methode AC6000 includes both a Front Panel LED display, and a web-enabled management interface.

The Front Panel Includes:

  • Power Status
  • Battery Data
  • Voltage amplitude and frequency settings
  • Peak Shave settings (please see below)
  • Faults and Warnings

Methode AC6000 Front Panel
Methode AC6000 UPS – Front Panel

The web interface presents all of the same information as the Front Panel, while offering additional management information and control.

Additional information, monitoring and alerting is also available via Serial and SNMP v2.

A Server-Side Application is available for a client’s servers to listen for messages from the AC6000 to enable safe shut down of the server when the battery is low.

System Specifications

  • Compact, safe lithium-ion technology
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Power Protection: Overload, Thermal
  • System Power Factor: >0.95
  • Battery Protection: Discharge, Overcharge, Thermal
  • 6000 Watts, 6 minutes
  • Rapid recharge
  • Parallel operation-ready
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +40°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
  • Humidity: 0% to 95%, Non-Condensing
  • Cooling: Integrated Fans
Physical Dimensions:

  • Centimeters:  8.9 (2U) H x 48.2 W x 81.2 D
  • Inches: 3.5 (2U) H x 19.0 W x 32.0 D


  • Case Material: Steel
  • Weight: approx. 38kg (85 lbs)
  • Battery Size: 1100 W-h
Advanced Battery Management System
  • Leverages years of automotive research
  • Maintains battery cell power balance
  • Highly efficient power management with low quiescent draw
  • Integrated safety electronics
  • Provides thermal management for individual cells

Peak Shaving Option

The Methode AC6000 can use energy from the battery/UPS to supplement the mains grid during peak loads. This functionality is enabled through:

  • The power-dense Lithium ION battery which is small and quick to charge
  • The high cycle life (discharge / charge) of the battery
  • The integrated (no cost included) Battery Management System which keeps the battery in check

Customers can manage these functions by applying the threshold, floor and limit settings through the management tool-set.

Peak Shave Graph

The Peak Shave option can enable significant operational (energy) cost savings by preventing the use of mains grid supply during peak rate periods.


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